Saturday, June 30, 2018

Dark Waters: A Mermaid Anthology is here!

5 Dark Mermaid tales brimming with forbidden romances, curious underwater worlds, and kick-ass revenge seeking sirens. 

Get lost in Alexia Purdy’s imaginative world of legends where in the depths of the ocean, an ancient creature awakens with a horrendous appetite and begins to hunt in Bloodtides and Slipstreams. Seek vengeance against ancient Grecian Gods in Jessica Ozment’s account of how one siren risks it all to break an unsightly curse Poseidon casts upon her, forcing her to dredge her land-loving soulmate from one side of the sea to the other in Sapphira: The Lost Lady of the Water. In Nicole Strycharz’s tale of gods, love, the mer, and mortals, destiny might mean tragedy and myth might mean reality in She Comes With The Tide. Dealing with a mysterious illness with her friend at her side, Jane propels herself into the unknown and discovers that she was meant to live an extraordinary life unlike anything she could have imagined in Scales by Stefanie Jolicoeur. Travel to a unique aquatic realm where Liasa’s human lover, Visal, is held captive by the son of Poseidon, she has little choice but to do whatever he wishes in order to save the life of the man she loves in Marsha Black’s story Liasa’s Tail of Woe.

Can you survive these stimulating underwater chronicles of regret, reprisal, and retribution?

***This book contains some violence and mature sexual content best suited for ages 18 years and up. ***

Note: Most of the submissions in this book will be a continuation of other stories in the future.
Dark Waters: A Mermaid Anthology is #live! Secure your $0.99 copy today!

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